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sandy anderson

Sandy Anderson Director

Sandy Anderson


Director of block 9 ARCHITECTS, Sandy Anderson graduated with a BSc. and B.Arch (Honours) in Architecture in 1999, and gained his professional part III qualification with Merit at London’s Southbank University. He has over 18 years experience in architectural practice.

His early professional career started in small practices in the North of Scotland, taking a keen interest in modern interpretations of vernacular architecture. He moved to London in 1999 where he was employed by a corporate U.S. based practice, gaining invaluable knowledge in design on a variety of large scale commercial projects.

He moved to BPR Architects in Putney in 2002 where he applied his skills in all aspects of design, construction detailing, as a site architect, project running, contract administration and lead consultancy roles across a diverse field of sectors. He was promoted from Senior Architect to the position of Associate Director in 2007 and fronted a thriving team of talented and enthusiastic architectural and administrative staff, delivering jobs of a wide variety of scale and complexity.

He launched block 9 ARCHITECTS in 2009 in London, before returning to Scotland where he opened our office in central Edinburgh.