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A free consultation with block 9 Architects can be the first step to helping you realise the full potential and value of your property. With our extensive design experience, we can provide all services required to help you achieve the home of your dreams, or adapt your existing property to enhance the way you live.

We believe that your requirements are at the core of the architectural process through all stages of work from inception, through planning, building warrants, tender, construction and post completion. This can be a complicated & arduous process for clients, and we take pride in working closely with you, providing clear guidance and direction.

block 9 Architects approach every project as a unique opportunity to provide our clients with an exceptional solution. We focus on contemporary and classic design, which inspires and fulfils all of your requirements. To ensure our clients fully appreciate the design process, we are happy to develop the design with 3D modelling, which better illustrate room layouts, furniture and fittings to provide a true replica of how your home will look and function, something that can often be lost or misunderstood in complex traditional architectural drawings.

On the vast majority of our residential projects, clients have agreed that financial savings made thanks to our experience and network of contacts has far outweighed the cost of our appointment. Full client references are also available on request.